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speech recognition audio file

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Agile audio dictation by ASR in your Android Devices! Agile Dictate makes audio transcription is easy for you to get high quality transcripts of your audio files such as mp3, wav and caf in quiet environment.
Speech recognition is based on deep learning algorithm which have high accuracy.
Features as follow:
Not training required Supports mp3, mp4, wav and caf Fast High accuracy speech recognition based on Deep Neural Networks Support different audio file sizes Easy to use interface Fast to search dictation content English onlyTwo steps for audio transcription :
1) SelectClick the Select… button , locate the file
2) Transcription
Press your dictate button, Let the program transcribe your recording into text.
Requirements:Compatible with Android OS 4.4 or later. Internet connection required.
PrivacyWe do not collect your personal data.We do not collect any of your usage information.